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„Cinema should be an ART TO INSPIRE the HUMAN SOUL… to feel, to dream, to dare, to LIVE.. to feel and live and dare your dream!“ This website is dedicated to educational purposes. It is to be seen as a private photo album and portfolio. There is No commercial value or gain to be had!  It is based on Fair Use Principles: Commercial value of the original work is not diminished (It could actually promote his work and the sales of those who do have ownership of his last movie rights or sell the remaining movie posters, books and or postcards…) Benefit to the user is predominately other than commercial. Most of the images shown were from private collections of Harry‘s fans, and were donated to our Family over the last few decades. As many of the movies were destroyed during a bombing or lost in archives, I am not sure where the copyright belongs. Still to today, some movies or images that were thought to be lost are found in museums, archives and online shops worldwide - Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Portugal, the Ukraine, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Canada, South Africa, France, Spain, The Netherlands, England, Israel… It would be a great pity for them not to be shared and reflected upon. The photos, Characters and Moments are just too unique not to be shown and remembered! The cinema-makers literally risked their lives to make these Moments! It would a crime for this art to be hidden! If there is a copyright problem, please do not hesitate to write to me. I do not use cookies, but I do occasionally check in to see how much traffic there has been on the site. I cannot take responsability for other parties doing so. May this inspire you! That was the original intention of the Cinema makers. I look forward to hearing from any fans or dreamers.