A Silver Screen Legend

Tale the best, leave the rest… A tribute to a forgotten role model… This site is meant to describe a portrait of an incredible man and the phenomenal teams he had working with him. He was a dreamer, a pioneer, a schemer, an artist, a writer, a stuntman, a director, an actor and a great gambler as well as a human being. And that is why I am doing his website...because at the time of his death, and actually till today, he was branded something I believe he was not... Pity is not something he wanted. Pride was an essential part of his character. This is a tribute to a forgotten role model… a man seen as a Father and Hero to thousands of Children left without Fathers of their own after the World Wars. His son was my GrandFather. This is a tribute to lost Cinema, History, Daredevil Artists who gave all they had to give and inspire Art & Culture. A Tribute to their Spirits and the courage they risked! They made movies for the passion of making movies! Risked all, swopped set jobs and joined in with full force… all for the sake of making KINO. They LIVED ART…How tragic it would be, if their efforts were deliberately forgotten or hidden due to „egotistical ownership restrictions“… Those tremendous risks and broken bones would have been in vain! This is a tribute to them, who lived and risked far more than we could imagine!    Enjoy the Journey.