Walter Fiedler is a genuine star, if not on stage, then seen as the quality one could only wish for in every human being!
Had it not been for Walter, there would have been no HARRY PIEL BIOGRAPHY... he is an encyclopedia as far as facts about "old stars" are concerned. Walter met Harry Piel once when he was 16 years old - almost apologetically he told me that was wearing short pants the day he met Harry and asked him for his autograph!
He is a very rare kind of gentleman and friend... to many an old star as well as rising and shining.
It was Walter who befriended Lili Stömmereder and convinced her to write down all the memories Harry had shared with her during his last months. Walter had also typed everything into manuscript form and had copied it and sent it off to museums along with many sentimental, personal belongings of Harry, which are now in the possession of various museums.