This site is meant to describe a portrait of an incredible man.
He was a dreamer, a schemer, an artist, a great gambler and a human being. And that is why I am doing his website almost 40 years after his death... because at the time of his death, and actually till today, he was branded something I believe he was not...
When I was seven years old, far away in Africa, my mother who noticed my tremendous love for images, movies and photos, told me that my great-grandfather had been a tremendous screen legend! This was obviously an amazing revelation to me, and something that always inspired and fascinated me...
Years later, a while after my grandfather had died, I heard that there had been a book published on his father. On my way to Australia, I ordered the book in South Africa to be posted to my address in Melbourne. I had hardly been in Melbourne for 8 months, when my mother became very ill. I flew back to her, only to meet my future husband. Moving from Melbourne to Utrecht, to Karlsruhe (where my husband was studying), I was on an unbelievable path, unbeknownst to me...!
I learnt my German in Karlsruhe. At night, Thorsten & I would sit and read the book together... The night I read how my beloved grandfather Friedrich Piel was born, I uttered a deep wish to be able to meet the man who had written the biography! The following day, I picked up the book and read that the author was living in Karlsruhe! UNBELIEVABLE! The time frame I had arrived in Karlsruhe, was also the parallel time frame
Mathias Bleckmann was living there! Up until that point in his life he had lived in 34 cities and 9 countries! Since then, I have been translating the book and other materials I could find on Harry's life.